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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niessner - This e-portfolio informes about the activities of the railway reseach group (Deutsche Seite).

Railway Research at Munich University of Applied Sciences

The railway reseach group is an initiative founded by Prof. Niessner to connect researchers in the field of railway engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. The group develops new technologies for the railway industry with the target to deliver innovative and efficient solutions. In the area of teaching we try to bring railway engineering closer to the students in undergraduate and graduate level. If possible students will be involved in research projects. The group has an interdisciplinary approach with members from different engineering disciplines with long industrial working experience.


The 2. annual Railway Brake and Friction Conference will take place on 15th of November in Derby, UK. The Railway Research Group will present the latest requirements of brake pad certification according to UIC standards.

Innovation Challenge 2016 from Deutsche Bahn AG: With our innovative concept of using brake energy recuperation to produce H2 onboard and use H2 to run the diesel engine in a bicalent mode we have reached the 1. Place in the sector "Research and Universities".

University certificate of advanced studies: Together with the University's centre for continuing education the railway research group offers a university certificate for professionals in railway engineering. The content of the courses are lections in modern railway powertrains, brake technology, crash systems and vehicle dynamics including an introduction into MATLAB simulations. For more details please see the certificate's page (opens german page).

The Railway Research Group won the 1. prize in the DB Innovation Challenge 2016, picture taken at Innotrans 2016
The Railway Research Group won the 1. prize in the DB Innovation Challenge 2016, picture taken at Innotrans 2016

For Students

Latest offers for Bachelor and Master projects can be found on the page Lehre (opens german page).

International Railway Journal

International Railway Journal

Gold Coast light rail Stage 2 opens early

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2017, 10:08

STAGE 2 of the Gold Coast light rail line in the Australian state of Queensland was opened for commuters on December 18, several weeks ahead of schedule.

US railway legend Hunter Harrison dies

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2017, 06:00

THE death was announced on December 16 of Mr E Hunter Harrison, president and CEO of US class 1 railway CSX due to unexpectedly severe complications following a recent illness.

Voith and Liebherr to develop rail diesel engines

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2017, 06:00

TWO German companies, Voith and Liebherr, have agreed to develop diesel engines for rail vehicles. Liebherr will supply several versions of its basic 500kW engine and components for the exhaust gas aftertreatment system based on its latest generation of a six-cylinder in-line engine. Voith will be responsibile for the diesel engine and exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

Tendering of Brazil’s Ferrogrão project to start in early 2018

Veröffentlicht am 17. Dezember 2017, 23:37

BRAZIL’s federal government plans to start the tender process for the 1142km Ferrogrão rail project in the first quarter of 2018, leading to an auction in the second quarter.

Istanbul opens first driverless metro line

Veröffentlicht am 15. Dezember 2017, 18:13

ISTANBUL celebrated the opening of its first driverless metro line and the second metro line on the Asian side of the city on December 15, when president Mr Recep Erdoğan attended the inauguration Line M5.

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