What is the location of La Foresta?

The location is situated in a remote monastery on the outskirts of the historic Flemish town of Leuven. La Foresta offers an ideal setting for both intensive group work and intercultural and international dialogue between participants from different European countries.  www.laforesta.be

What is the background of La Foresta?

This conference center La Foresta is a former monastery of the Friar Minors Franciscans, built after the Second World War. It’s original function was a training house for the Franciscans of the Flemish Friar Minor province. At any given time, 60 to 70 brothers lived at the monastery, which was bustling with activity: there was a farm, a carpentry shop, a bookbindery, a large library and the people in the surroundings attended the celebrations of the Eucharist and prayers, particularly Sunday vespers. For more information please have a look at https://www.laforesta.be/history.


What is the address of La Foresta?

European Center La Foresta vzw, Prosperdreef 9, 3054 Vaalbeek
Tel: 32 (0)16 / 40 24 91 Fax: 32 (0)16 / 40 08 83 


How to get to La Foresta?

By public Transport

Take the train to LeuvenBus ‘De Lijn’ Number 5 Wakkerzeel-Vaalbeek, direction Vaalbeek (not on Saturday) . Busstop Blanden-Brainestraat. Take the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat direction Oud-Heverlee, walk untill the Prosperdreef, this is the second route on your right side. After 10 minutes you arrive at La Foresta
Bus ‘TEC’ number 18 Jodoigne (also on Saturday). Busstop Brainestraat. Turn right into the Brainestraat. First street right into the Kloosterweg. After 10 minutes you arrive at La Foresta

By taxi

Some taxi phone numbers in Leuven are: 32 (0) 16 29 16 16 and + 32 (0) 16 23 40 17
Regular Taxi’s are easy to find by the railway station, when you are with more than 4 (upto 8), you can also call for a lager taxi (minivan), with lager capacity (and for that number of people a cheaper way to go).

For more information

Trains:NMBS: www.nmbs.be
Busses: De Lijn www.delijn.be and TEC www.infotec.be


What are the prices of stay and meals?

Full board cost € 43,75. Rent of sheets € 6,90 and rent of towels € 4,60. Each meal will be served with one drink included in this price.
Extra drinks (tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc.) are on your own.
https://www.laforesta.be/volpension (more information is available on the accommodation website)
Do know that additional cost (for example the use of reunion rooms and material), a correct (proportional) supplement will be charged

Do you need to bring toilet-articel, bedlinen and towels?

Yes, you do. Toilet-articles, towels, sheets and pillow-slips have to be brought with.


Is there a shower in my room?

Showers and toilets are in the hallway. There is a wash basin in the room with hot and cold water.


Is there Internet access in my room?

No, there is no Internet in the rooms.


Is it possible to print something at La Foresta?

Yes, it’s possible. It cost € 0,11 per page. But we would recommend to do it at home.


Times of services

From Monday to Friday : 7:30 – 8:15 a.m. (Clara chapel)

Saturday : 6:30 – 7:15 p.m. (Clara chapel)

Sunday : 9:30 – 10:15 a.m. (Franciscus church during the summer period, Clara chapel during the winter period).

The times on religious holidays will be announced in advance.


General conditions of La Foresta

  • The European Centre La Foresta is not responsible for robbery, damage or accident on the parking area of the centre, or for the disappearance of personal objects, during the residence.

  • In the bars (living rooms), drinks shall be charged at the prices indicated. Guests shall not be entitled to bring their own drinks and snacks with them, unless otherwise agreed by both parties. If this arrangement is not adhered to, the charge for using the bar (living room) shall be calculated at € 116.00 per day. The group leader shall settle up with the person in charge of the kitchen at the end of the stay.

  • Throughout their stay, full-board groups that make use of the sports fields must use the garage in zone A and the steps in basement zone B (outside steps for accessing room B-1.09) as the entrance and exit. Slippers (or other footwear not worn outside) must be worn in the building.

  • It is not allowed to smoke in the building neither the locals, rooms, hallways, dining room, bars and sanitary spaces.

  • € 7.50 will be charged, for each missing key.

  • Since La Foresta is located in a monastery, the periods of silence must be respected during the services and nightly rest of the local order (Franciscans).


Nightly rest

Between 10:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., there must be no noise on the floors on which the dormitories are located, and no music may be played on the premises and outside, in the garden and on the sports fields. If these periods of silence are not respected, the deposit paid shall not be deducted from the final bill.


How do I deal with the questions, compliments and complaints?

Please, discuss them first with the representative or lecturer(s) of your group/delegation. The lecturer will contact Theo Koning, who, together with Jan van Passel, is our contact person at La Foresta.


Where can I get a program booklet?

The program booklets will be shared to all participants at the beginning of the Social Europe days, so on Monday afternoon at La Foresta. So you don’t need to print it.


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